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Alessia is a licensed architect from Rome. She graduated in "Architecture U.E." 2011 from "Valle Giulia", La Sapienza with an experimental thesis on Airone Ex-Cinetheatre by Adalberto Libera comparing some of the acoustical parameters (ISO 3382) from the designed simulation model in Catt-Acoustic and Ramsete. She completed the first year training in "Environmental Acoustics Technician" from ISPRA, Italy. She worked as architect, parametric 3d modeler and 3d artist for Archea Associati (2012-13). Attracted by the pleasant qualities of the sound of certain places, her primary research is focused on acoustics and the interaction between people and space, pointing at the perceptual feedback from the auditory and visual experience and the resulting tridimensional cognitive image created. By designing and making, she sees technology as a possible creative way to be investigated to visualize the architectural information and our embodied spatial awareness. She has been exploring the relationship between structural geometry and music, creating sound reactive real time graphics in VVVV for the jazz musician Matteo Fraboni. She has also been involved with performances and theatre in different roles and contexts from 1998, studying the different meanings of the space of the stage and the sense and impact of aesthetic harmony and resonances phenomena on individuals and collectivity.