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Some projects are sensitive, some have copyright restrictions, others are not suitable for the web. Perhaps this is why there is little listed here from S. M. Astrid Bin

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Astrid Bin is a multidisciplinary artist and technologist. She has worked across media ranging from audio and video pieces, digital works, installation, interfaces, sculpture, interactive environments, games and performances. She works and exhibits internationally, in galleries, festivals, and online. She started messing with computers in the early 1980s, and wrote her first BASIC program by typing lines out of the back of a computer magazine into her Atari 520 ST. As an adult her interests veered towards art and she completed an undergraduate degree in sculpture and installation, and later a masters in art in public places. Blending this extensive fine art background with its emphasis on interaction and experience with design and electronic intervention to engage with important technological questions, she is interested how technology can impact expressive artistic outcomes - through interfaces, tools, materials, and methods of expression. In summer 2014 she will be working with British digital musician Scanner and developing reductive musical interfaces for maximum creative output, to study the relationship between minimal interfaces and their results.