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I am concerned with the individual embodied experience in the world. How one enacts a world. How this world acts upon us and senses our actions. Time spent crafting sonic experiences and a number of years working with people with disability has taught me a lot about the multitude of ways that humans experience and explore the senses. My current research is looking to Mindfulness practice - as in the Eastern traditions and modern clinical therapies MBSR/MBCT. Mindfulness provides a set of techniques based on the non-judgmental sensing, awareness and acceptance of one's own embodied experience. This offers a philosophical guide and set of techniques from which an alternative approach to human computer interaction might be developed, focusing on the development of technologies that encourage living in the present moment, which are calming or slow and which take wellbeing rather than productivity as a central motivation for their design and use.

Research topic: Mindful approaches to HCI

What is the individual embodied experience? How does one enact a world? How does this world act upon us and sense our actions?