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Chris Wood’s research and practice centres around space and texture, with particular attention to sound. His work frequently uses the raw materials of field recordings, reconfiguring the realism assumed in them as an object of sensory play. A parallel career as a radio producer informs this work, with speech, narrative and reportage acting as a key pillars in his practice. His sound installations, workshops and performances have taken place in London, New York, Canada and Portugal, while soundscape and radio work has been featured on Resonance FM,,, NTS Live, and The Guardian. He has a background in Philosophy and Film Theory and is currently a PhD candidate in Media Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London. In spring 2014 he will be working with Sha Xin Wei at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The project is funded by Intel and centres on interactive and tactile digital publishing and printing, future designs of publishing and mediatic forms and communication.