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Ed grew up playing with computer programming, with his first software title being published at the age of 17. Following a degree in Architecture at the University of Liverpool, Ed undertook the MA in Digital Arts at the Middlesex University Centre for Electronic Arts where his computational models of young children's drawing behaviour developed into a continuing fascination with dynamical systems, emergence and creativity. After three years of research and teaching at the Centre for Electronic Arts, Ed enjoyed an eventful decade as Soda Creative Ltd’s (soda.co.uk) Research and Development Director and was the original author of the BAFTA award winning virtual construction toy Sodaconstructor (wikipedia.org/wiki/Soda_Constructor) which was featured as one of Time Magazine’s 50 best websites. In addition Ed has recently launched his first and award wining iPhone/iPad app, Tunetrace (qappsonline.com/apps/tunetrace) that translates photographs of line drawings into music. Ed's current foremost research interest is embodying playful curiosity in compliant robots to understand and model the emergence of creative behaviour.