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Olsen is an artist working in the field of aeronautics, robotics and AI. He is interested in technology as an antenna for our imagination: the realities and fictions, the potentialities and possibilities that emerge from the needs, desire and expectations of technology. His works combine technological research and artistic experiments and are manifest in installation and sculptures. Before starting his PhD at Queen Mary University he's been working at the Zürich University of the Arts as an assistant professor. From 2010-13 he had an artist-in-lab residency at the AI-Lab in Zürich, led by Rolf Pfeiffer, where he explored the principles of Embodied Artificial Intelligence. Olsen's research is focused on the aesthetics of complex systems, in particular the phenomena that emerge from such systems. In his forthcoming residency at the IRCAM in Paris he will be exploiting the complexity of agents' behaviour in a sonic environment, one that is not simply available, but rather produced by their activity using a combination of phonotactics and self-assembly. He considers this system as a simple cognitive architecture which raises questions of artificial curiosity and its dynamics in a computer based musical context.