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My name is Qi Gong. My field is composing, sound production and technical design for music. My recent projects are 'Kguitar' virtual instrument and 'CrazyRock' composing paltform. To be honesty, I would say I am a musician rather than a researcher. This is because music is what I care about. Even if I am doing some projects which seem to have no connection with music, I will regard anything making sound as music, because they are really musical in my ears. I have no general religions, but I believe music can make our life better. In my point of view, the tendency of music industry is popularization and profitable. It means new technology will make it easier to create music. Thus, it will allow more and more people who have this interest to create to contribute to this industry. One day, music composition will have the same access with photographing and painting. On the other hand, during the improvement of economic and civilization, copy right will be better protected. Also, people will be more willing to pay for the music which satisfies them. These two point are also my targets in this field. Another characteristics of me is that my thinking is fairly concrete. I am always picking the most efficient way to work. I would always be focus on the bullet point. This is my working style.

Research topic: Play guitar with PC keyboard

Generally, we are using notebook computer instead of our old desktop. Most of us may not use the old independent computer keyboards any more, but actually they are still nice controller. So, this idea is about to make a virtual guitar to make them valuable again. Actually, software virtual guitar is not rare to see on the app store. However, this Max/MSP project is to simulate the feeling of playing guitar on a computer keyboard, including the playing feeling and the sound.