Nike FuelBand

Nike FuelBand. This looks interesting, apart from being a really nice thing in its own right (if you are a runner). If the data streams are hackable then it it a lot nicer than strapping a Wii to your leg!

BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Click On, Series 9, Episode 6

BBC – BBC Radio 4 Programmes – Click On, Series 9, Episode 6. Sitting in traffic, a week after going to the London Hack Space for the first time, this came on the radio – a nice little 30 minute

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First Person: Mirjam Stolk –

First Person: Mirjam Stolk – I saw the article below last weekend and thought it might interest some of you. It is about a signer for deaf people in clubs and I thought the insight into how signers represent

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BBC – BBC Four Programmes – The Pendle Witch Child

BBC – BBC Four Programmes – The Pendle Witch Child. For those that went to Lancaster this is a very nice documentary on the Pendle witch trials with Simon Armitage narrating and lovely animation to illustrate the 17th century activities

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Google+. Some early feedback on Google+ from the tech community via Cool Hunting, for those, like me, that don’t yet have an invite to play.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on

If you haven’t seen this talk before, make 20 minutes and do it. This is exceptionally powerful stuff on creativity and education. Takes a couple of minutes to get going as he is closing a conference, stay with it, you

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Lancaster High Wire July 2011 – a set on Flickr

    Lancaster High Wire July 2011 – a set on Flickr.  

Nobutoshi Kihara – Telegraph

Nobutoshi Kihara – Telegraph.

The tenth anniversary of Ether, Southbank Centre’s annual music festival of innovation, art, technology and cross-arts experimentation.

Hi everyone, just in case you aren’t aware of this…… Over the last decade Ether has presented some of the most groundbreaking new work and a wealth of unique events. From Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke playing alongside London Sinfonietta

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Transmediale 2011 Some video highlights

Some of the highlights for me from Transmediale; Morton Subotnick – my hero of the week!  Gave a superb talk entitled “Tape recorders, the transistor and the credit card” as part of the ‘Pioneers’ day.  Then gave a demonstration of

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Sam is interested in the interactions between musicians in educational settings. This broad theme encompasses many areas such as embodied interaction and conversation analysis and she is using qualitative research methods to investigate how these interactions translate to remote music tuition. Sam is currently carrying out an ethnographic study of one-to-one instrumental music lessons using qualitative video analysis. She examines the footage from Junior Saturday School classes at London conservatoires, using the video annotation tool ELAN. Sam is also a saxophone player in concert bands, big bands and saxophone quartets.

Research topic: The Organisation of Musical Conversation