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Vishal Soni is a London based audio engineer and musician with a MSc in Music Technology & Audio Engineering from University of Hertfordshire as well as a degree in Software Systems for the Arts & Media. He also has an interest in user interaction and interactive design which has led him to do a research based masters in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary's. Vishal has worked as an audio and mix engineer on his own and other artists projects of various genre's as well as soundscapes. Past projects include filming and designing interactive music videos, focusing on and looking at different user interactions and how it can affect the narrative experience. Allowing the user to affect the narrative of the music. Other interests include looking at interactive system design specifically in the role of the recording studio and mixing desks and how this can evolve. He is currently working on producing his own bands second EP and about to embark on a research project looking at origami reconfigurable antennas based on electro-mechanically active polymer transducers, specifically design, prototyping and testing of new devices and applications. Vishal's area of interest in research is 3D sound, ambsonics. Especially looking at how 3D sound could impact on musical composition and dynamics as well as the creative mixing process. He is also in the process of setting up an audio blog looking at the technologies and future of audio engineering and sound recording. Projects he has worked on can be found here: