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Yulia is an inquisitive and versatile artisan, designer and scientific illustrator, whose primary interests lay in wearable technology, kinetic arts, and all things odd and beautiful. Yulia started her education in maths and computer science at Saint Petersburg University, Russia in early nineties. During the same time, she began creating bespoke wearables, using modern and traditional techniques of applied arts with emphasis on silversmithing, embroidery and textiles. After graduating from Maryland Institute College of Arts, USA in 1999, Yulia enjoyed a fruitful international career as a commercial designer and independent artisan.

Research topic: Interface with jewellery and wearable accessories in The Age of Ubiquitous Computing

As a jeweller and accessories designer, Yulia has a particular interest in the wearable keepsake objects that hold memories of events and connect people to one another. As an academic, she is keen to expand the vocabulary of these intimate objects through emerging technologies, and understand how human interaction with them might be altered once they become amalgamated into The Internet of Things (IoT) and Ubiquities Computing (UbiCom).