This is a Christmas-themed drumming game. There are two press sensors on each top of the papery mini speakers, which used to tap following the music. On the screen, during the game, Christmas balls moving horizontally along a timeline show what to tap and when. If player tap in the right tempo, get scores.





My research interests are interaction design and creative gaming and my core skills are graphic design, programming and game design. I'm really passion about the rhythm games, which provides a good platform for amateurs to play with musical instruments and enjoy the challenge of the sense of rhythm.I made a drumming game last year and in the future I wanna do more research of the interactive rhythm games and develop better games.

Current research topic: Critical Aspects When Developing Rhythm Games

Introduce two significant aspects of making rhythm games, the controller and rhythm detection. The first one shows the appearance of the product and also, different types of sensors decide how complicated the game can be play, while the second one is a crucial basic technique problem.