Henrik Ekeus’s PhD Research: Many generative artists and composers combine low-level interacting elements to engender an emergence of higher level forms and patterns. However when working with such systems it can be difficult to anticipate what effects micro-level parameter changes might have on macro-level forms and behaviours, and further it is often impossible to completely explore the vast state-spaces that these systems possess. Consequently the working process is discontinuous and often involves a certain amount of trial-and-error. The aim of this project is to consider novel ways to navigate the large state-spaces of generative systems to achieve aesthetically desirable outputs.

I’m a musician, researcher, sound designer, composer and software engineer. My research explores frameworks for parameter discovery in generative design, with an emphasis on crowdsourcing and the modeling of aesthetic preferences.

Current research topic: Parameter Search for Aesthetic Design and Composition

Strategies for parameter discovery in aesthetic tasks, with emphasis on crowdsourcing.