Virtual Ping Pong, physical play

Crystal Ping Pong is a virtual tennis game but trying to provide users a real physical tennis play experience with jut cell phones, tablets or computers. Can this be true? Luckily, nowadays smart phones all have accelerometers, which make cell phones to be great controllers for sport games, especially for tennis game. Therefore, just wave your cell phone as a bat to hit back a virtual Ping Pong With beautiful images and real Ping Pong sounds. Not enough? Try to tap or slide screen, several pre-set combos, such as slice and smash, will bring you to a real Ping Pong battle. The only thing you should worry about is that try not throw out the cell phone while smashing.

Battle with friends, anywhere, anytimeAndroid platform

The key idea of games are not just play with machines, but interact with people, with friends. This is more important in sports games. So, can we play this game with friends together? The answer should always be positive. With high speed WIFI connection and efficient transmission protocol, Crystal Ping Pong allows not just one player could practice with computer, but also have a real time two player Ping Pong battle with two mobile phones. Don’t worry the platform, the table game was developed for both mobile platform and desktop, e.g. PC, MAC and Linux. What’s more, Crystal Ping Pong is now available on Google Play. If you have an Android phone or tablet, download now and have a real Ping Pong battle with your friends anywhere at any time.


After graduating with First Class Honours degree, Shuang Liu is carrying on majoring Media and Arts Technology in QMUL. As a developer and engineer, his research mainly cover creative HCI application with mobile devices and network communication.