The software part of the game is called Robin Hood. Players’ task is to hunt virtual animals on screen with the sensor embedded archery bow game controller. A red crosshair on screen moves along with the movements of the archery bow. As a player pulls the string the crosshair gets smaller.

The game is physically taxing because player need to reach the “anchor point” ,which is usually somewhere around the chin, cheek, ear or the corner of the mouth, before releasing the string. Otherwise, arrow will not be shot. By using a real archery bow as controller, players can gain optimized physical experience. The controller gives better reality than other kinds of active game controller, such as Wii MotionPlus and Playstation Move.

The meaning of designing a sensor embedded realistic archery bow game controller is beyond of playing target shooting game with just another tool. The appearance, the way of interaction and the physical strength needed to play the game shift the perception of player from playing video games to practicing a ‘real world’ archery sport.

I’m an electronic engineer and interaction designer who’s interested in applying technology to create active games that improve the experience and engagement of players.

I am interested in build interactive multimedia installations. I create interesting active games which can be played in novel ways. The projects are suitable for human computer interaction researches.