Because I have lots experience of programming and designing, I can realize the things you imagine of the digital world, which means you can have a rich music experience.

Digital Insole

This project is for CruftFest 2012, IDMT. The cruft I used in my project is a pair of shoes. I repurposed the pair of shoes as the digital media controller, which can be controlled to performer the drum kits. Each foot controls one kind of drum, there are three options of drums, including the bass drum, snare, and hit hat. People can play drums by hitting the heel of the shoe, and change the kind of the instrument by the double hits on the heel. People can play the drum by one foot or combining feet to play the drum beats. People always make the beats by their feet; I want to make some real drum sound, and make this pair of shoes more interesting.


As a music lover and engineer, I’m really enthusiastic about building the technology that enhances people’s experience of digital musical performance.