Industrial Placement – Toby Harris

The development and deployment of the BBC Stories Ontology


  1. an ontology to describe narrativecontent in BBC programmes, enabling richlinkage within, to, and beyond each other.Doctor Who S4E1 in RDF
  2. an episode of Dr Who fully modelledusing the ontology, testing it’s limits through timetravel, blending fact and fiction, and more.Visualisation
  3. can the narrative of the programmebe visualised statically or dynamically?
  4. Possible Future outcome: if you can visualise it, can younavigate it, and then what…

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I research, develop, produce, perform: whatever it takes to deliver work that is well conceived and explores interaction. I'm particularly driven by what characterises the 'liveness' of live events, and how we can design for that. In practice, that means using art, design and engineering to transform how audiences experience live events.

Current research topic: Liveness: exploiting the here and now of us together

The experience of music at a concert, sport in a stadium, drama in a theatre: being there ‘live’ has qualities compelling in the moment but remarkably resilient to rational reconstruction afterwards. We propose a framing of liveness that the HCI field can deploy to its benefit, arrived at by arguing that the dynamics of the interactions amongst audience members is key to the experience of a live event. We are researching the performer—audience—audience interaction to better inform this framing, and are developing a design framework to aid those wishing to create work that benefits from it.