Stageview unwrappingStageview is a hardware and software module for Stagebox, an IP camera-back device developed at BBC in 2012. It consists of a 360° camera and a network streaming infrastructure which allows remote panoramic observation of a scene. Film directors can use Stageview to suggest precise panning and camera movements to their operators, working together in the same location or remotely across the Internet. The camera transmitter is based on a Gumstix embedded Linux single-boar computer. The receiver will be implemented as an iPad application. The device was developed during the placement as a collaboration between the student (Eleonora Oreggia, QMUL) and Nicholas Pinks (BBC R&D); the development of the emitter was completed and the receiver plans were drafted. The potential impact of this new technology has been researched and imagined: is touch going to surpass the dominant position of the point-of-view in the construction of audiovisual narratives? Will film directing become a remote practice? What is the value of these additional panoramic video images in terms of both fiction and journalism? And, more generally, can this technique foster new forms of expression able to enrich, expand or transform the filmic language?
Stageview Use Case


Eleonora Oreggia is a London-based artist, writer and researcher from Milan, Italy. Her interests include metaphysics, electronics, software, performance and interactivity.

Current research topic: The EM filed as a sensor system