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detektors – electromagical science


the rhythms of electromagnetic emissions, their psychogeophysics and micrological auscultation


Almost any electronic gadget can be transformed into an audible and sometimes rhythmical sound object. “Detektors” is firstly (A) a cartography of user-generated geolocational sound recordings, logs and walks, which reveal hidden electromagnetic geographies of our urban areas and secondly (B) a database and catalog of sonic studies of electromagnetic emissions produced by our everyday electronic devices.

“Detektors” is an open, collaborative project which uses sonic strategies and DIY-devices to make audible the hidden infoscapes of our time. The presentation will show data, recordings and cartographies of different spectral ecologies and trans-sonic machinic assemblages. is initiated by Martin Howse and Shintaro Miyazaki.

Google Maps API Programming: Yoshito Maeoka.

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