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Sensory Journeys



Sensory Journeys

Sensory Journeys (2009-10) was a one year project by the artist Christian Nold, commissioned by Sustrans the UK sustainable transport charity. The project involved Christian Nold & Sustrans Bike-It team working closely with four schools in Bristol on a series of creative workshops that took place in and out of school.

Do people have different sensory experiences and emotional relationships with their local area depending on the mode of travel?

To answer this question, Christian Nold developed an innovative experiential methodology & toolkit composed of activities, technologies and visualisations, designed to allow the children to document their experiences. During intensive, week long, workshops at each school, the children learned how to articulate and represent the sensory experiences that happened on their journey to school. The custom built Sensory Journeys web application functioned as a spatial archive to bring together all the collective experiences of the children. After all the workshops, Christian Nold analysed the material and used it to design a series of printed maps that break down the expriences by mode of transport. Tese maps were presented to the schools to initiate discussions about the sensory, emotional and social impact of travel choices for children, teachers, governors and local politicians. The aim of the project is to set up a national network of schools using this system to document and compare their transport provision and discuss new solutions. If you would like to join the project please contact Sustrans and Christian Nold.

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