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Places, people, stories 2011 – Linnaeus University, Sweden –

Places, people, stories 2011 – deadline 7th March

Places, people, stories an interdisciplinary & international conference. Linnaeus University, Kalmar 28-30 September 2011

This conference investigates the relations between people and places, focusing on the role of stories in constructing meaning and affecting human emotions. Both rural and urban landscapes contain numerous locations that become meaningful places through their association with stories. These stories may be told orally by narrators or by material design; they may be permanent or temporary. The stories may be linked, for example, to the vegetation, the geology, the wild life, the cultural heritage, the mundane built environment, or metaphysical creatures. Whether such stories are historically accurate, purposefully invented or created entirely in residents’ or visitors’ minds is however less important than their potential to touch human beings.

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