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The Breather at UP London and Digital Shoreditch, May 28, 2013


The Breather project is part of UP London festival prototype showcase.

The showcase of UP London prototypes in public spaces celebrates the opening of Digital Shoreditch 2013.

It will go breathing at Old Street roundabout from 9am – 8pm on Tuesday 28 May.

The Breather is a new enviro-active work that makes invisible changes in the air (created by the changes in air quality) visible through the perceivable movement of a breathing object. The Breather is an interactive system based on sensor technologies, air quality data and networked real-time data sharing. At the center of this research is a desire to explore the environmental conditions of our everyday lives and the possibilities opened up by networked sensor technologies. Likewise, project explores the interfaces that are more intuitive than ‘in your face’ information delivery systems, more settle, just hinting on the situation in the air, while animating everyday encounters in a city.

Developed by Ilze Black and Nanda Khaorapapongin collaboration with Raylab. Supported by UP London and Media and Art Technology, Queen Mary University of London.

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